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Care Of Your Alternative Table Tops

Marble and composite stone tabletops are made with durable, high quality materials to maintain their original beauty for years.  These tabletops are made with natural stone, and each piece is unique and handcrafted.  For this reason, color, texture, veins, finish and shine can vary with each piece.  Alternative tabletops are designed for normal outdoor use in residential settings.  To maintain the natural beauty, we recommend you care for your tops in the following manner:  if the tabletop is stained with products such as wine, soda, coffee or other colorants of organic origin, we recommend you clean these spills immediately with a mild detergent, rising with water.  In most cases the stain will disappear.  If the tabletop finish becomes dull due to plant material, hard water or air pollution, clean with a non-abrasive pad or sponge (such as scotch brite; 3M Trademark) and a mild household detergent until the material residue is removed.  Rinse repeatedly and dry the tabletop in the open air for at least one hour.  Repeat these steps as necessary.  After cleaning, we strongly recommend resealing marble with a quality marble and granite polish/sealer such as Goddard’s Granite and Marble Liquid Polish, available at most fine hardware stores or on the internet.  To prolong your tabletop’s beauty and to sustain the original color and texture, we suggest applying a coat of polish or wax (such as Goddard’s Granite and Marble Polish or the liquid form of Carnauba Wax) when you first receive it and every six months to protect and restore it.  When not in use, cover the tops or store indoors to prevent moisture that, together with plant materials (such as leaves and flowers) can discolor marble.  In extremely cold climates, it is recommended that tabletops be stored in a dry area or covered with a suitable outdoor furniture cover.  Be sure to allow space between the top and the cover so that moisture does not collect on the table; this will promote airflow and allow moisture to escape.  It is possible that ice or snow could penetrate the sealer if allowed to remain on the surface for an extended period of time.  Since marble is naturally porous, moisture can be absorbed into the stone and freeze, which could cause the marble to crack. (This is not covered by the warranty).

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