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Care Of Your Slate Table Tops

SLATE TOPS: Because one property of slate is the low water absorption, it is naturally resistant to stains and will not fade or discolor when exposed to sunlight. Keeping slate looking beautiful is easy! Since this top is sealed, it requires only regular wiping with water or occasionally with mild soapy water. Do not use vinegar, cleaners that contain acid, abrasive cleaners, or furniture polish. If a stain does occur, it can be easily removed with fine (0) steel wool or fine (120/240 grit) sand paper. The affected surface then needs to be treated with a stone sealer for further protection. Additionally, a reapplication yearly of a stone sealer is suggested. Stone sealer is available in any hardware or building supply store. For best long-term maintenance, store the top in a dry location during the off season and do not rest it on its side.

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