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How To Sanitize Spa Water

The step-by-step guide to sanitize your spa water to keep it clean and safe.

Sanitizer is extremely important for killing algae, bacteria and viruses, and preventing unwanted organisms from growing in the spa.  At the same time, you don’t want too high a sanitizer level, or it can irritate your skin, lungs and eyes.

1. Always maintain the sanitizer level in your spa at the recommended level for each type of sanitizer.

2. We recommend the following sanitizers: Chlorine System: • Arctic Pure Chlorine Tablets • Arctic Pure Refresh • Arctic Pure Spa Boost Bromine System: • Arctic Pure Brominating Tablets • Arctic Pure Refresh • Arctic Pure Peak Boost

Important: Sanitizers are acidic and will decrease the Total Alkalinity.  Regular testing and balancing of TA is extremely important with these products.  This is why Arctic Pure Perfect Balance is part of the system.

Important:  Always remove floating dispenser while the spa is in use.  Remove dispensers with a plastic bucket (keeping submerged), and store out of reach of children until spa use has ended.

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