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There’s no better way to enjoy summer than to create your very own backyard resort. With life more busy than ever, creating an outdoor oasis will help you make the most of your precious time for relaxation.

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We offer exceptional products and exceptional deals, and the best part is, life will be more enjoyable! More quality time with the family, relaxation and better health are only some of the gifts of new patio furniture, a hot tub, or sauna.


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Magical moments will be yours for years to come when you create your own outdoor oasis! We’ve got everything to make you feel pampered and luxurious in your own backyard. Quality patio furniture – from conversation groups and fire tables, sofa sets and sectionals complete with accessories – to hot tubs, grills and saunas.
Summer is fast approaching, and you’ll want to spend the season enjoying family time in the comfort of your backyard. So while you have the time, make your selection so you don’t miss out.
As it always does in Michigan, the weather has changed overnight! Just think of being outdoors, enjoying the sunny afternoons in your outdoor living room. Definitely healing, rejuvenating and inspiring. As we all know, the true essence of life is the experiences that stay with us for a lifetime.