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Connect to My Arctic Server

How to connect Arctic Spas to the My Arctic Server.


Tenda WiFi Extender

How to connect with a Tenda WiFi extender.


Direct Ethernet Connection

How to connect with direct ethernet connection.


Ethernet Over Power Connection

Connect your spa with Ethernet Over Power


Onspa – Internet Connected Hot Tub

Onspa – Internet connected hot tube feature.


Three Ways to Connect Your IOS device to your Arctic Spa


Arctic Spas How to convert Tabbed Jets to Threaded Jets

How to convert your old tabbed jets to the new style threaded jet


Arctic Spas – Topside Controls & General Maintenance

Topside Controls and General Maintenance for your Arctic Spa


Arctic Spas – Calcium Buildup

Calcium buildup guide for Arctic Spas


Arctic Spas – Onzen Saltwater Instructions

Onzen Saltwater instructions