Enerzone Solution 3.5 Wood Insert

The Enerzone Solution 3.5 wood insert is designed to replace your old ineffective masonry fireplace. It creates the perfect cozy winter ambiance. Comfort, performance, pleasure, economy and saving are at the core of your heating experience with this wood insert designed for large spaces, in addition to being very respectful of the environment.

Thanks to its new ultra-efficient and clean secondary combustion system, this non-catalytic appliance offers a dazzling spectacle as the flames roll between the logs, through the large glass surface.

Complete your installation with the faceplate and trims of your choice. A firescreen is also available for those who wish to fully experience the crackle of a good wood fire.

The Solution 3.5 burns up to 110,000 BTUs and heats up to 2,700 square feet. The Solution 3.5 has 71% HHV efficiency and produces up to 10 hours of heat from a single load of wood.

New 2020 EPA regulations require wood burning heaters to emit less than 2 grams/hour of soot. The EPA certified Solution 3.5 is a clean burning wood insert, with only 1.32 g/hr of particulate emissions.