How To Care For Your Spa Cover

The step-by-step guide to caring for your spa cover.
The vinyl spa cover is an attractive, durable foam insulation product.  Monthly cleaning and conditioning is recommended to maintain its beauty. To clean and condition the vinyl cover:  1. Remove the cover from the spa and gently lean it against a wall or fence.  2. With a garden hose, spray the cover to loosen and rinse away dirt or debris.  3. Using a large sponge and/or a soft bristle brush and very mild soap solution or baking soda, scrub the vinyl top in a circular motion.  Rinse clean – do not let the vinyl dry with a soap film on it.  4. Scrub the cover’s perimeter and side flaps.  Rinse clean with water.  5. Rinse off the underside of the cover with water only (use no soap) and wipe it clean with a dry rag.  6. To condition the cover after cleaning, apply a thin film of Arctic Pure Cover Renew to the vinyl surface and buff.