Choosing a Woodstove that is right for you

woodburner1There’s never been a better time to buy a new stove. But which one? You have a wide range to choose from: there are hundreds of models on the market, some very different from others. To narrow the field, first answer some questions: What are your heating needs? If your stove is going to be the only heat source for your house, you’ll need a powerful, efficient model. If you are looking for a secondary heat source, mostly for coziness on cold winter days, then a smaller, one-room heater may be appropriate. Do you have size constraints? Each stove has different clearances to combustibles . How will you use your stove? If you want a stove that’s strictly utilitarian, perhaps placed in a basement or another non-living area, then cost and efficiency may be the biggest factors in your decision. If the stove will be the focal point of your family room, then aesthetic issues like color, decorative detail, or a large door glass may be more important concerns. What is your budget? Small, plain stoves made of inexpensive materials cost less up front, but may not last as long. Other models may be more costly, but will last much longer. Don’t forget to take long-term costs into account. The more you know about what you need, the easier it is to make a decision. Did you know that a tree decomposing in the Forest emits more carbon dioxide into the air than burning that same tree in a efficiently burning woodstove. They are a viable alternative heat source that are highly environmentally conscious. Congratulations ! Come and visit our showroom where our staff with over 50 years combined experience will help you make the right choice .