How To Light the Pilot to your Gas Logs

gas_logsVarious models differ from one to another, but the concept is very much the same. First locate the pilot knob on the side of gas logs. It will say “ON” and “OFF”. But in-between is the pilot position. If the knob is in the “OFF” position, start to turn it slowly towards the “ON” position and while you are turning push in. It will push in about an 1/4 inch or so when you get it about half way in-between “ON” and “OFF”. That will be the pilot position. While pushing the knob in, take a long lighter or long match and light the pilot at the pilot assembly. It is mounted to the back of the burner pan. Hold knob in for about 60 seconds after it lights. Release slowly and if pilot stays lit then turn it to on position and logs will light. If you have any questions refer to your owner’s manual.