How To Perform General Water Maintenance

The fundamentals of maintaining clean, and healthy water.

There are three fundamental areas of water maintenance.  They are: (1) Water Filtration, (2) Water Sanitation, and (3) Chemical Balance/pH Control.  Before you even begin, it is highly recommended to use the pre-filter when filling your spa because tap water is not really pure water.  By starting with water that is already filtered clean, you should have an easier time maintaining crystal clear water.  Although your spa’s filter system is working several hours a day to remove particles from your water, it does not remove bacteria or viruses.  Water sanitation is the responsibility of the spa owner.  It can be achieved through the regular and periodic (daily, if necessary) addition of an approved sanitizer.  The sanitizer will chemically control the bacteria and viruses present in the spa water.  Bacteria and viruses grow quickly in under-sanitized spa water.  The water’s chemical balance and pH control are also the responsibility of the spa owner.  You will have to add chemicals to maintain proper levels of Total Alkalinity (TA), Calcium Hardness (CH) and pH.  Proper water balance and pH control will minimize scale buildup and corrosion of metals, extend the life of the spa, and allow the sanitizer to work at maximum efficiency.