Troubleshooting Guide – Spas

Troubleshooting guide for common Spa situations.

  1. Nothing functions:  The RCD Breaker has tripped, or there is a power failure.  Test RCD Breaker by turning breaker back on to see if spa powers up.  If not, contact your factory authorized dealer.
  2. Spa does not heat:  Check to see if the heat indicator is on, or if there are any error messages on the topside control panel.  If the heat indicator is on and no error message appears, contact your dealer.
  3. Poor Jet Pressure:  First check to see that the jet(s) are turned on fully.  Then check your filter to see if it’s clogged or dirty.  Next, check to see if the jet(s) are obstructed or if the venturi air dial is turned on.  Finally, check to see if the jet(s) are surging.  If so, your pump is cavitating (sucking in air).  This usually occurs when the water level is too low and can be solved by adding water to the spa.  If the problem still persists, contact your dealer.
  4. Light is not functioning:  Follow the LED replacement section.
  5. Spa comes on by itself:  This function is normal when heating and filtering.  No action required.
  6. Spa doesn’t drain completely:  The spa is drained by gravity.  It will not always drain fully.  It is not necessary to drain the spa in its entirety except when winterizing the spa.  If you wish to remove the last little bit of water, we recommend you use a wet/dry vacuum.