woodburner1There’s never been a better time to buy a new stove. But which one? You have a wide range to choose from: there are hundreds of models on the market, some very different from others. To narrow the field, first answer some questions: What are your heating needs? If your stove is going to be the only heat source for your house, you’ll need a powerful, efficient model. If you are looking for a secondary heat source, mostly for coziness on cold winter days, then a smaller, one-room heater may be appropriate. Do you have size constraints? Read more »

gas_logsVarious models differ from one to another, but the concept is very much the same. First locate the pilot knob on the side of gas logs. It will say “ON” and “OFF”. But in-between is the pilot position. If the knob is in the “OFF” position, start to turn it slowly towards the “ON” position and while you are turning push in. It will push in about an 1/4 inch or so when you get it about half way in-between “ON” and “OFF”. That will be the pilot position. While pushing the knob in, take a long lighter or long match and light the pilot at the pilot assembly. Read more »

gas-fireplaceAs with any vented hearth product, please rely on the expertise of a hearth professional for installation. All installations must be done in accordance with the owner’s manual and the local building codes. For installation requirements not specifically addressed in the owners manual or by building codes,refer to theNFPA 54. Our sales staff has over 60 years combined experience to ensurre that your installation is safe and legal. It is essential that a permit be pulled with every installation. Your local inspector is the person who will be checking the installation to ensure everything is to code.

Gas-Fireplace-InspVarious models differ slightly from one another, but the concept is very much the same. First locate on the unit where the pilot knob is (it should say “OFF”, “ON”, and “PILOT”).  There is also an ignitor button under there (it should be close to the pilot knob). Turn the pilot knob from “OFF” position to “PILOT” position (you might have to push in on the knob a little to get it to turn).  While holding the knob in, push the ignitor button until the pilot lights.  Continue to hold the knob in for about 60 seconds after ignition, then release slowly. If the pilot stays lit, push in the pilot knob and turn it to the “ON” position. Your fireplace is now set to burn. For any questions please refer to the owners manual.